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Movement II ­ Allegretto

The first half of the scherzo (fig 48-53) has an internal ABA structure

The opening long melody (A) is on the lower strings in 8ves, ff and arco ­ strident and proud

Key: Am, with lack of G# (modal)

Contains some familiar melodic material:
First 2…

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Shrill, ff then pupper woodwind melody
Similar shape to opening melody - Eb clarinet takes over (brash and cheeky)
Descending bass pattern ­ introduces a recurring feature (although here harmony is
still Am)

Answered by sprightly, staccato woodwind repeated chords

Sprightly bassoon takes over with descending scale as an answer,…

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Dotted theme returns, again in Cm
Now all strings except double bass, p dynamics (more mysterious) ­ accompanied by
quiet/staccato ww and brass, with downbeat on Cb and timpani

Fanfare section in F again and repeating notes with same orchestration as before

Horn octave E flats then lead in to…

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on `bossy', marcato strings in 8ves,
descending sequence with parallel descending chords: C, B, Bb

Interrupted by horn fanfare (F#m) then spooky string chromatic quavers (D#m ­
terzverwandshaften) ­ a textural and harmonic interruption `a step into sharp world'

Figure 62 ­ lower woodwind (sound like brass, sinister and confident)…

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first rendition clearly more striking
Sprightly, joyful woodwind repeated Vicious pizz strings
Sprightly bassoon descending scale Pizz cello ­ frustrated effetct
Opening melody returns in Bassoon and contra bassoon
lower strings (furtively) (role swapping)
Stabbing repeating notes on high Pizz strings ­ more reserved
arco strings
Dotted theme ­…


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