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A2 Philosophy: Revelation and Holy scripture

There are two broad forms of revelation:

General revelation: is available to all people at all times and in all places.
Examples of this include: through conscience or the beauty of nature which is
interpreted as the voice of God.

Special revelation: God's revelation…

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However, faith is not as certain as science as faith cannot be proved true by
reason. Propositional revelations are truths revealed by God but they are not
demonstrable using human reason. It is important to note that believers in
propositional revelation do not reject the use of reason. What they…

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Non-propositional revelation

Instead of facts being revealed, the religious believer recognises God acting in
history and in human experience and God is revealed through this. According
to this view of revelation, a religious book, for example the Bible, is a witness
to and record of how the revelation of God…

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process of evolution is wonderful. Consciousness is a great thing. It does
not however, lead Dawkins to belief in God.
3- The propositional approach requires our use of reason. Barth argues that
when we use our reason and faith together we can often go wrong. He
makes a distinction between…

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animal sacrifice; it can be argued that these rules can be safely ignored in
the modern world. However, other Christians believe it is extremely
dangerous to disregard parts of the Bible in such a way as if Christians
allow the authority of the bible to be called into question, the…

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to the nature of God, different responses to life. There are also many different
types of literature such as poems, history, songs and stories. Therefore it is
difficult to believe that they were all divinely inspired by the same God.
-It also raises questions in regards to the structure of…


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