Revelations and Holy Scriptures

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Notes for Revelation and Holy Scripture: What I know so far!

· When people talk about Holy Scriptures, they mean within these scriptures something about God or God’s natures is revealed but what does this actually mean, what does it mean to be a revelation or to say a scripture is a revelation.

· First the word ‘Holy’ can be translated into meaning separate or set apart, this word has often be associated with God, because for us he is separate arguably from our world [he is transcendent exist outside and beyond our world], the word holy can be linked to also the holy books in many religions such calling the bible the holy bible and the Quran the holy Quran, because of their link with God makes them sacred and set apart from other book’s.

· Religious believer believe that these holy books are holy because they are revelatory.

· This means that they are a revelation something in which God or something about God is revealed to the world

· However this thing we must consider is these books holy because they are revealed by God or they holy because he divinely reveals them.

How does God reveal himself to the World?

· God reveals himself to the world for religious believers in many ways, one God reveals himself through the scriptures for examples you might learn something about God through reading about Jesus exorcising the ‘legion’, or God can be revealed through nature for example you may wonder at a beautiful sun rise and come to noticed or think about God, through a Vision may bring a revelation such as seeing an Jesus in a dream and lastly people so God for example used Samuel to reveal his message or Moses to reveal the ten commandments to the world.

· However to say something is a revelation can mean different things and so therefore revelations though they come under the same category can potentially mean different things for example to say something is a revealed through the scripture and that God is revealed through a vision can mean two different things and even though God is revealing himself to the world it arguably experienced differently

· The word Divine Disclosure means that God reveals himself directly to a person for example God reveals himself directly to Moses through the burning bush in the bible or he revealed his wishes to Samuel whilst he was asleep.

· Judeao Christian vies on this are that God reveals himself or something about himself to the world through the experience of revelation.

· Philosophical views of revelation: Within philosophy there are two recognised types of revelation this propositional and non propositional revelation’s.

· Propositional revelation- this is where God directly reveals truths to a person and then there Non Propositional revelation – this view doesn’t believe God revels truths but that we can come to see God through out history and human experience through his action in the world around us,


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