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1. Respiration is the release of energy from food and takes place in all the cells of an
organism. In the course of respiration glucose reacts with oxygen to release energy
and the waste products carbon dioxide and water.
(Note `glucose' and `food' are interchangeable in this context)
2. C6H12O6 + 6O2 6CO2 + 6H20
3. Even when lying still, energy will be needed for heart beat, breathing movements,
nerve impulses, brain activities, digestion, and all the chemical reactions taking place
in the cells.
4. Respiration and combustion are similar in that they combine oxygen with a carbon
containing substance to release energy, some of it in the form of heat. They both take
up oxygen and produce carbon dioxide and water as waste products.
They differ in that combustion can produce very high temperatures.
(they also differ in that other substances, such as sulphur, phosphorus, magnesium
etc. are combustible in addition to carboncontaining substances, and do not
produce the same waste products. Note that all definitions of respiration here refer
solely to `aerobic respiration'.)
5 Respiration needs a supply of oxygen. Breathing is one method of supplying the
necessary oxygen .
6. Respiration will be taking place in all the cells of an organism.
7. One of the most reliable methods of measuring the rate of respiration in germinating
seeds (or in any other organisms) is to measure the rate of uptake of oxygen.
The rate of carbon dioxide production may also be measured.


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