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· Breathing is Exhaling and Inhaling
· Mainly occurs in Mouth and nose
· Not all body cells are involved
· Can stop Breathing
Exhaling ­ taking air out of the body
Inhaling ­ Taking air in the body…read more

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· Breaking down glucose
· Converting it into energy
· All body cells take part
· Every body part and cell does this
· Can't stop doing this ­ it's automatic
· Takes in Clean air
· Exhales waste air (carbon dioxide)…read more

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Aerobic Respiration
· Involves Oxygen
· Breaks down glucose
· Makes energy
· Gets rid of waste air
Glucose + Oxygen Carbon dioxide + Water ( + Energy)
C6H1206 + 6O2 6CO2 + 6H20 ( + ATP)…read more

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Anaerobic Respiration
· Doesn't involve Oxygen
· Happens when oxygen is not available
· Mainly for a short length of time
· Athletes and others involved in sports
often do this
Glucose Lactic Acid ( + Energy)…read more

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Lactic acid
· Very Harmful
· Causes muscle fatigue
· Due to lack of oxygen to the muscle
(where the pain is)
· Need to get rid of it…read more

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