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Research methods

Quantitative data: is data in the form of numbers and statistics. It gives reliable data
which can easily be repeated. Good for comparisons of different groups. However it does
not give meanings as to why, there is no depth and insight into social interaction. Easily
put in to…

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Clear layout
Measure what you want to measure
Must not ask embarrassing, threatening or complex questions
Not ask two question instead of one
Be too long
Use sociological terms that no one understands
Leading questions

Questionnaires are quick and cheap, and can reach a lot of respondents. They are easy…

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Overt observations: is where the group know they are being watched and know who the
researcher is. The researcher has permission and full co-operation from the group meaning the
problem of getting in and out is overcome. Also it's less likely the researcher would go native.
However the researcher may…


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