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AS sociology
SCLY2 ­ introduction to
research methods (key terms)…read more

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Key terms on research
· Primary data ­ information collected
by the researcher which is a fresh
piece of data as it didn't exist before.
· Secondary data ­ researchers who
are using data which already exists
such as going on the internet to look
at statistics.
· Quantitative research ­ data which is
in numerical from, this is easy to
analyse and compare and is seen as a
more reliable source of research.
· Qualitative research ­ data which is in
word form, harder to analyse the data
such as statistics and is seen as a
more valid source of research.…read more

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Key terms on research
· Validity ­ refers to the accuracy of
the data collected.
· Reliability ­ how reliable is the data?
can different researchers repeat the
same research using the same
methods and get the same results?
· Representativeness ­ can the sample
reflect upon the whole of the
· Positivists ­ society is scientific and
everything can be explained by a
cause and effect of something.
· Interpretivists ­ society isn't scientific
and prefer qualitative data as its
more in detail/depth.…read more

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Key terms on
· Participant ­ someone who simply
takes part in your research.
· Population ­ group of people from
where the sample is drawn.
· Random sampling ­ every member
of the population has an equal
chance of being chosen such as
names in a hat which is a fair
· Systematic sampling ­ where a
participants chose from a sampling
frame using a system e.g. by
numbering participant every 1-3 etc.…read more

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Key terms on sampling
· Stratified sampling ­ involved
dividing the population into
important subcategories such as
their ethnicities.
· Quota sampling ­ like stratified
but you stop taking people once
you have got the numbers
needed.…read more

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Research methods
experiments key terms
· Lab experiment ­ An experiment
carried out in specifically build
· Field experiment ­ An experiments
carried out in everyday social
· Comparative experiment ­ An
experiment that is natural and
thought out.…read more

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