Research Methods

Research Methods for psychology with strengths and weaknesses

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A2 Psychology OCR G544
Laboratory Quasi
What is it? What is it?
An experiment which is conducted under highly controlled conditions. An experiment where the independent variable is not manipulated by
The variable which is being manipulated by the researcher is called the experimenter but occurs naturally.
the independent variable and the dependent variable is the change in These experiments are often called natural experiments.
behaviour measured by the researcher.
Strengths Allows research to be carried out where it would be unethical to
Manipulation of IV indicates cause and effect relationship manipulate the Independent Variable manually
Increased control and accurate measurement
Standardised procedure = replication is possible Weaknesses
It is difficult to control your experimental conditions because you are
Weaknesses not able to manipulate things yourself
Total control over all variables is not possible the risk that a quasi-experiment becomes a correlational study if it is
Artificial conditions may produce unnatural behaviour that lacks not very aptly designed
ecological validity
Results likely to be biased by sampling, demand characteristics, Studies
experimenter expectancy Savage-Rambaugh
May raise ethical problems of deception
Loftus & Palmer
Gaab et al
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A2 Psychology OCR G544
Field Correlation
What is it? What is it?
The application of a psychological research in the `real world' Statistical analysis used to quantify the strength of relationship
Participants are usually not aware that they are taking part in an between two variables
The IV is still manipulated Strengths
Calculates the strength of relationships between two variables
Strengths Useful as a pointer for further more detailed research
People may behave more realistically ­ therefore higher realism
Easier to generalise results to…read more

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A2 Psychology OCR G544
Observation Interview
What is it? What is it?
Watching the behaviour of humans in a natural environment Face to face conversations that can be unstructured or structured ­
Researcher does not manipulate variables and does not interfere dependent on situation
Interviews are recorded for later in depth analysis
More natural behaviour occurs if people are unaware of observation Strengths
study of situations cannot be artificially set up Detailed information can be obtained and avoids oversimplifying
complex issues
Weaknesses Greater attention…read more

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A2 Psychology OCR G544
What is it?
The use of closed and open questions to gain insight into what a
person is thinking
Many people can be tested quickly.…read more


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