Religion and TV

Kingdom of heaven


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Religion and TV
As the society changes the way religion is expressed on soaps changes to. The harmless
old ladies religion of Dot Cotton has been replaced by something far more dramatic. Muslim
called Syed Masood is gay but has not admitted to his family his situation and his forced into
a marriage with Amira due to his religion not accepting homosexuality. Syed is having an
affair with a man called Christian. The name is clearly ironic. Masood is involved in car
accident and terminates his relationship as Syed believes he is being punished. This expresses
spiritual side of religion that you will be punished for your mistakes and Syed relates
accidents to his unacceptable relationship for his religion. Surely, homosexuality is real issue
in both Islam and Christianity and it is really brave for Eastenders to portray this. Clearly, it
expresses the religion truly as civil partnership is not accepted in Islam and Christianity.
However, when Asian postman Masood Ahmed been caught eating a secret snack during
the holy month, where Muslims must not break fast between dawn and sunset. This created
controversy amongst Muslim viewers that it's not realistic but BBC claimed that it shows
Masoods "fallibility". Some could argue that the scene trivialised a very serious religious
experience. On the other hand, it should be taken into account that not all Muslims are
strict. As the Prophet Muhammad said, "Every person does a mistake. But between you
best person is one who asks for forgiveness. "As it is stated in this hadith Islam accepts that
humans have mistakes. Yet, it could be argued that it's more of a stereotype than realistic.
For example, Dot Cotton quotes endlessly form the bible and it is ridiculous to some extent
as I don't believe it represents typical Christian.
Kingdom of heaven
The film is based on 12th century crusades. Although Jerusalem is the center of the film it
shows little faith but gives the message that religion leads to fanaticism and fanaticism leads
to war. Balian leaves France to find a better world in the Holy land which his long-lost father
Godfrey describes as a place where a man can forget his past. Balian becomes defender of
Jerusalem against Saladin's army.
Religion is not shown effectively in the movie as at the time of event religion was at the
center of people lives, forming not only their spiritual faith but their cultural identity. No
evidence of churches, monks, icons was seen in this movie. However, religion was almost
sterile, so Christianity and Islam seemed to be a same religion in the film. Even the crossed
are bland, stripped of the figure of Christ that would have adorned almost all of them. Clearly
there is a problem with a plot as the men, who were crosses on their breast and devote
their lives to defending the holy land, so agnostic.

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People believed strongly that they were doing the will of god by preserving the city
sacrificed by the life death and resurrection of Christ from Muslim control. As Irishman
George Bernard Shaw told the New York Times in 1911: 'The English think God is an
Englishman. Although this was written centuries after the event but clearly shows people at
the time had the attitude that they believed that God was at their side.…read more


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