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Religious Education ­ Unit 1
Religion and Social Responsibility…read more

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· Bible ­ the holy book of Christians with 66 books split into
the Old Testament and the New Testament.
· Old Testament ­ the first part of the Bible which
Christians believe foretells Jesus and which is the Jewish
· New Testament ­ the second part of the Bible which
records the life of Jesus and the early Church.
· Church ­ the community of Christians (with a small c, it
means a Christian place of worship) ­ Big C ­ Community
· Conscience ­ an inner feeling of the rightness or
wrongness of an action…read more

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Keywords Continued...
· Situation Ethics ­ the idea that Christians should base
moral decisions on what is the most loving thing to do in a
· Electoral System ­ the way in which voting is organised.
· First-past-the-post ­ the voting system where whoever
gets the most votes wins the seat.
· Proportional Representation ­ the voting system where
seats are given as a percentage of the votes.
· Local Government ­ the local council which looks after
local issues such as education and refuse collection.…read more

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Keywords Continued...
· National Government ­ the government
headed by the Prime Minister which
governs the whole country.
· Decalogue ­ the Ten Commandments
· Golden Rule ­ the teaching of Jesus that
people should treat others as they would like
to be treated.…read more

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Moral Decision - where you have
to decide what is the wrong and
right thing to do.
· Situation Ethics
· Conscience
· Authority of Church
· Bible…read more

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The Bible
· All Christians agree it had authority
· Inspired by God
· Teachings on how to behave eg. Ten
Commandments (Decalogue), Sermon on the
Mount, Parables (Good Samaritan etc) ­ as Jesus
is the son of God his teachings should be
· Teachings from great Christian leaders (eg. St.
Paul)…read more

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