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Bible Quotes
`Hannah had no children... because the Lord has closed her womb'
1 Samuel 1:2-6

`You shall not kill by abortion the fruit of thy womb.'
The Didache

1) DNA cloning ­ multiple, identical copies are made of a DNA sequence. Copies are used in biological and technical…

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Christian Responses to Cloning
For Christians human cloning presents many moral dilemmas -
`God is the giver of all life and so human life is considered sacred' ­ the process of discarding embryos after using them for research is sometimes seen
as undermining humanity. However some Christians recognise that God…

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The Church of England ­ oppose abortion, although some believe that in certain situations it can be justified. The Church believes that alternatives to
abortion, such as adoption should be available and that parents in difficult situations should be supported.

Bible Quotes
`Before I informed you in the womb I…


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