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Poem Analysis: Rubbish at adultery

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Poem Analysis: Our Love Now
HE 'skin knits' The relationship can be pieced/knitted back together,
and that it will be whole again

HE 'observe, remember, listen' Giving instructions to her
SHE 'although, after' Countering his argument
HE 'red burnt flesh is ugly, but hidden' Can be hidden and the problem…

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Poem analysis: Kissing

`the young walking on a riverbank' Romantic setting
`pretending to look at the water Pretending to stop the awkwardness, also could be
lilies' pretending to love
`nest' Comfortable and homely
`clamped together' Passionate
`courteous detours' Summery and positive thought
`they can see no one else but Kissing/love…

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Poem analysis: Even Tho

`man I love' This is very impersonal and could be anyone, but
she's still declaring her love.
`devour' Bringing in the idea of food, showing that we might
be talking about food. Also saying that she won't let
him take over her.
`even tho' Repetition of…

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'marriage of true minds' Marriage means that they'll be happy and in
love. True minds means they'll be honest and
know about their true feelings.
'admit impediments' That link to marriage, and saying that nobody
should get in the way of true love.
'which alters when it alteration finds' If…

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Poem analysis: Valentine

'I give you an onion' This is repeated twice in the poem as a reminder that love is like an onion,
and it has many layers to it. It's also an unexpected gesture in a love poem.
'careful undressing of love' This is in reference to the…


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