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Also known as Step
Families or Blended
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Definition !
· A reconstituted family is a family that is formed after divorce and
· A reconstituted family need not result from the joining of two adults
who have had previous marriages but only two adults who have
children from previous relationships.
· The Brady Bunch is the most famous example of step family on a
TV series.
How has it
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Why it developed
· The belief in marriage has decline
· Changes in labour market meant that woman now do not have
to marry due to financial needs where as in the past they did.
They now have the option to go out to work and support
· Divorce has become more common and reasons for divorce
have become more flexible for example irretrievable marital
breakdown. in addition divorce can also be gained quicker for
example it can be completed in 6 weeks, furthermore
annulments are more common.
· Secularisation (a decline in religious beliefs) has also lead to
more divorce as it is seen as more acceptable in today's less
religious society.
· But a factor to consider is that marriage itself has not lost it
popularity due to the fact that people are still remarrying it is
just that some expectations are higher in today's society.
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· Re-marriage increase stability compared to lone parent families in
the forms of:
1. Childcare
2. More "parent time"
3. Increased income
4. More emotional support for the children
· Jacqueline Burgoyne and David Clark (1982) claimed that in this
situation people see themselves as "pioneers of an alternative life."
they may choose to remain unmarried to their new partner and may
find advantages in having more than two parental figures in their
children's lives. Some couples in Sheffield study felt a considerable
sense of achievement from the successful reconstitution of a family
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· Financial strain ­ "families need father's" say the unfair financial
burdens on step-parents can often contribute towards the break up
of subsequent relationships.
· (Past) Child Support Agency ­ was once an issue in terms of
financial support but with the abolishment of the agency the financial
side of the step families eased.
· It causes emotional strain on the children involved to try an accept
another authority figure into their already established family.
· Also accepting new siblings is a strain on the family
· Step ­parents frequently feel guilty because they don't instantly love
their stepchildren yet at the same time hurt when these children are
unresponsive to their attempts at bonding.
· The biological children not living their biological parent may find it
difficult to accept their parents spending more time with their step-
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Definition Development Advantages Disadvantages…read more


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