Ratio and Proportion

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Ratio and Proportion
You could have to work out how much of a recipe you need with only a few given values. You
would need to find out the multiplier and find out the new proportion. A useful way to do
this would be in a chart like the one below:
Recipe for Shortbread:
100g Butter
50g Caster Sugar
150g Plain Flour
25g Semolina
Makes 8 Slices
Butter 100g 400g
Sugar 50g 25g
Flour 150g 1500g
Semolina 25g 62.5g
Slices 8 16 10
When you have found all the values it will look like this and you would easily be able to
convert amounts for a question about proportions.
Butter 100g 200g 50g 250g 400g 125g 1000g
Sugar 50g 100g 25g 125g 200g 62.5g 500g
Flour 150g 300g 75g 375g 600g 187.5g 1500g
Semolina 25g 50g 12.5g 62.5g 100g 31.25g 250g
Slices 8 16 4 20 24 10 80


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