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Rates of reaction
By Aimee…read more

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Rates of reaction depend on four things ­
1. Temperature
2. Concentration
3. Catalyst
4. Size of particles
· Reactions can go at all different rates from
slow (rusting of iron) to fast (explosion).…read more

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Description of graph
· Line 1 has a fast rate of reaction that produces more
yield. This can only happen if there are more reactants
at the start. (Lines 2, 3 and 4 have a lower amount of
· Line 2 has an increased rate of reaction ­ the reaction
also finished quicker because the reactants are used up
more quickly so there are no more reactants to react
· Line 3 is has a faster rate of reaction than line 4 but a
slower reaction rate than line 2.
· Line 4 shows the slower reaction rate of all the results.…read more

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· The different rates of reaction can be caused due
1. An increase in temperature
2. An increase in concentration
3. A catalyst being added
4. The solid reactant being crushed up into smaller
· You will learn more about this with collision
theory.…read more

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Collision Theory…read more

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