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Rag Desh…read more

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Rag Desh basics
· Rag Desh is an evening rag that people associate
with the monsoon season. In Indian music there is a
system called a sargam. This is used for naming the
Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, Ni, Sa.
· The tonic, or ground note, is Sa. Sa is heard in the
drone. There are two other important notes in Rag
Desh: Pa and Re.…read more

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· Ragas are patterns of notes, like scales but very
different to western ones. They are a mix between a
scale and a melody.…read more

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· The tal is a rhythmic cycle or pattern which is
normally played by the tabla. It generally has
between 6 and 16 beats.
· The beats (which are called matras) are grouped into
small sections in the pattern. The first beat of the
cycle is called the sam. It marks the beginning and
ending of an improvisation section so it is usually
· Each tala has a different name. The Tintal is the most
common.…read more

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· A drone is a note held or repeated throughout a
passage of music. It is the sound heard first in most
· It states the toning note: the Sa.
· Sometimes the drone can play 2 notes which are the
tonic and dominant.
· Traditionally the drone is played on a tanpura,
although now it is more often played on an electric
box.…read more

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North Indian Main Instruments
· Sitar- long-necked plucked string instrument.
· played by plucking the strings with a metal plectrum
· has six or seven main strings and twelve or more sympathetic strings running
underneath them.
· Sarod- a plucked string instrument
· Shorter than the sitar and has no frets
· Played by plucking strings with a large wooden plectrum
· Has main strings and sympathetic strings
· Plays ornaments by sliding up and down the strings
· Sarangi- a fretless bowed instrument
· Held in your lap
· It has three main strings and as many as 36 sympathetic strings…read more

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