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3 Types of Radiation
·Gamma…read more

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Alpha Particles
· 2 neutrons and 2 protons (the same as a helium nucleus)
· They are big and heavy and slow moving
· They don't penetrate very far into materials and are
stopped quickly (even when travelling in the air)
· However they are strongly ionising, meaning they bash
into a lot of atoms and knock of the electrons creating
LOADS OF IONS ­ hence the term ionising…read more

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Beta Particles
· They move quite fast
· They are quite small (as they are electrons)
· They penetrate moderately into materials before colliding
· They are also moderately ionising too
· For every particle emitted, a neutron turns to a proton in
the nucleus
· They have virtually no mass and a charge of -1 (as again
it is an electron)…read more

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Gamma Rays
· Penetrate far into materials without being stopped
· Weakly ionising because they tend to pass through
atoms rather then collide in them.
· Have no mass
· EM wave
· Have no charge…read more


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