Quotes Christianity & Islam

Islam and Christianity Quotes

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`It is He (Allah) who `Nor can a soul die, `Nor come near to
grants death and expect by Allah's adultery; it is a
life' leave, the term shameful deed;
being fixed as by
`If anyone saved a `He who eats and `When a man
life, it would be as if drinks while his marries, he
he saved the life of a brother goes hungry completes half of
whole people' is not one of us' the faith'

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Squander not your `Alcohol is not a `Alms are for the
wealth' medicine, but a poor and needy'
`Intoxicants and `You shall not `I put to death and I
gambling are of murder' bring to life'
Satan's handiwork'
`God created `You put me `Be fruitful and
humans in his own together in my multiply'
image' mother's womb'…read more

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Love your `Your body is a `You shall not
neighbour' temple of the Holy commit adultery'
`Avoid every kind of `Wives should `A woman should
evil' submit to their learn in quietness
husbands' and full submission'
`Honour your father `Have many `A man will leave his
father and mother and
and your mother' children' be united to his wife,
and they will become
one flesh'…read more

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Do not take `Show respect for `Discipline your son
advantage of a the elderly' and he will give you
foreigner, pay him peace'
his wages'
`Allah is with those `Kill not your `He who does not
who patiently children for fear of give honour to the
persevere' poverty' elderly is not a
`Adam was created `Man can have `Be kind to your
before Eve' nothing but what parents...…read more

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Children, obey
your parents in
everything'…read more


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