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My Revision Notes on RS :

This card is going to be based on quotes referring to the four main topics which I am taking for my early entry GCSE.

The four topics which I am covering are :

  • Abortion
  • Planet Earth
  • Animal Rights
  • Prejudice & Discrimination

Abortion :

"Do not kill or take a human life which God has declared to be sacred." (Chapter 6,verse 151)    Christian Quote  ( Against Abortion )

“Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you, before you were born I set you apart” Jeremiah 1:5          Christian Quote  ( Against Abortion )

“Do not kill”  Exodus 20:13   Christian Quote     ( Against Abortion )

“breathed into his nostrils the breath of life.” Genesis 2:7 Christian Quote  ( For Abortion )

“If some men are fighting and hurt a pregnant woman so that she loses her child, but she is not injured
in any other way, the one who hurt her is to be fined whatever amount the woman‛s husband demands
and the court allows. But if the woman herself is injured, the punishment shall be life for life, eye for
eye, tooth for tooth.” Exodus 21:22-25  Christian Quote  ( For Abortion )

 Whosoever has spared the life of a soul, it is as though he has spared the life of all people. Whosoever has killed a soul, it is as though he has murdered all of mankind.

Qur'an 5:32  Islamic Quote  ( Against Abortion )

Kill not your offspring for fear of poverty; it is We who provide for them and for you. Surely, killing them is a great sin.

Qur'an 17:32      Islamic Quote  ( Against Abortion )

Overall views on Abortion :

Islam : They are against Abortion unless the mother is in danger of dying if she was to give birth to the child, Muslims believe that ensoulment takes place after 120 days so after that abortion is haram (a sin) and must not be done unless there are EXTREME CASES.

Christianity : For Christianity there are a variety of different opinions as it matters which category you fall in e.g. Roman Catholic, Methodist etc.Some Christians are against abortion yet others are for : this is shown through some of the Christian quotes used above.

Planet Earth :

 The Earth is green and beautiful, and Allah has appointed you his stewards over it. The whole earth has been created a place of worship, pure and clean. Whoever plants a tree and diligently looks after it until it matures and bears fruit is rewarded. If a Muslim plants a tree or sows a field and humans and beasts and birds eat from it, all of it is love on his part.      

Islamic Quote

Devote thyself single-mindedly to the Faith, and thus follow the nature designed by Allah, the nature according to which He has fashioned mankind.




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