Quotes for An Inspector Calls

Covering all major characters apart from the Inspector himself, sorry. There is enough space in the upper right corner to hole punch these cards once printed to create quote cards to help you revise. Most interlinked themes are in bold, the cards have some brief analysis involved and they cover each character included throughout the play. Hope they help!

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Mrs Birling `About fifty, a rather cold
woman and her husband's
`Arthur, you're not
supposed to say such things.'-
(To Inspector Goole) `You
know of course that my
AIC QUOTES - ENG. social superior'- stage
direction-she is a snob and very
She is irritated by his social gaffe
of praising the cook in front of
husband was Lord Mayor only
two years ago and that he's still
LITERATURE aware of the differences
between social classes-P ower.
Gerald. She is a haughty
a magistrate'- this shows how
she thinks her and Mr B's Power
She is flat character. She and Influence will deter the
represents the sin of p ride. The inspector from questioning them
contradiction shows the stupidity mercilessly. She tries to
in traditionalism. intimidate him.
`Girls of that class.'- Is very (On Eric's drinking) `Of course 'Though naturally I don't '(Staggered) Well, really!
dismissive of Eva. And thinks not. He's only a boy.'-she still know anything about this girl'- Aldermand Meggarty! I must
nothing of her due to her Social sees Eric and Sheila as Lying to cover her back, she is say, we are learning something
Class. Classist Snob. Thinks `children', and speaks Selfish and cunning. tonight'- thinks the upper classes
she is socially and morally patronisingly towards them. are perfect, H ypocritical.
superior. Prejudice. This is She is also in denial about Eric's
almost her scorning the girls' drinking. And doesn't believe it.
(Inspector to Mrs B) `You're a `(With dignity) We've done `I didn't like her manner. She `No ­ Eric ­ please ­ I didn't
member, a prominent member, a great deal of useful work in impertinently made use of our know ­ I didn't understand ­. `
of the Brumley Women's Charity helping deserving causes.' - name.'--`I did nothing I'm - Tries to make excuses ­ as
Organization, aren't you?'- Facade to make her look good, ashamed of.' - She admits she sorry for herself as anyone else.
Questions Mrs Birling who is she is proud, her Influence over was `prejudiced' towards Eva Tries to justify herself- still lying
lying, making her seem the organisation shows her and saw it as her `duty' to refuse to her family. Feel's remorse but
hypocritical, it is a shock to find Power. to help her. Power, Selfishness only for herself. Responsibility
out she is part of a charity as and Duty. ­ she has none.
she is a cold character.
Suggests a position of power.

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She was claiming elaborate `I blame the young man. He `What did she reply to that? `But I accept no blame for
fine feelings and scruples that ought to be dealt with very ... Oh, a lot of silly nonsense.'- it at all'. - She is stubborn and
were simply absurd in a girl of severely.'- her narrow sense of Gives vague answers and won't accept responsibility of
her position.'- doesn't believe the mortality dictates that the father responses.…read more

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Spoilt, indulgent and
unjustly arrogant. But he
is liked.
`I didn't feel about her as ` in that case ­ as I'm `Everything's all right `My God! Sorry - I - well,
she felt about rather more ­ now Sheila. I've suddenly
me.'- He was aware that upset ­ by this business (Holds up the ring.…read more

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Sheila to Eric) "You're squiffy" - (Gerald about Eric) `I have gathered `Why shouldn't they try for higher `I was in that state when a chap
Shows Eric/ Sheila's brother/ sister he does drink pretty hard.'- he is a wages?'- He supports the easily turns nasty.'- He met her at
relationship. Colloquial language set hardened drinker, he is not as childish workers cause and does not see his the Palace Bar, forced his way into
period/context. Shows Eric drinks too as his parents assume.…read more

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No one really knows
`(shouting) we all helped to
her.'- he knows his part in the
him/helps him/loves him- Sheila Birling `a pretty girl in her early
twenties, very pleased with life
tragedy and he is trying to make his
parents and Gerald see, and take
father calls him `boy', mother is
ashamed of him, Sheila pities
AIC QUOTES - ENG. and rather excited.…read more

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To Gerald) `(Cutting in)...You `And I know I'm to blame - `we all started like that ­ so `(slowly, carefully now) you mustn't
listened to that nice story about me. and I'm desperately sorry.'- The confident, so pleased with try to build up a kind of wall
I got that girl sacked from Milwards. ourselves until he began asking us between us and that girl. If you do,
And now you've made up your mind I first to accept Responsibility and
questions.…read more

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I'm not being. If `Don't you see, if all that's `But that won't bring Eva `flaring up) Well, he inspected
you want to know, it's you two come out tonight is true, then Smith back to life, will it?'- us all right. And don't let's
who are being childish ­ trying not it doesn't matter who it was who Sarcasm, Death, in regret of what start dodging and pretending now.
to face the facts.' ­ Her parents are made us confess.…read more

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I know the Brumley police `This is Gerald Croft, the son
nonsense'- Responsibility he and look out for himself and his officers pretty well'- Shows he of Sir George Croft'-
doesn't want he only cares for own.'- Birling's Capitalist view and is anxious over what will happen to introduction to Gerald necessary
himself. Against socialism. his philosophy. Responsibility. him so he tries to draw attention to due to Social class. Also Birling is
influential connections. Power- trying to impress the inspector.…read more

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The whole story's just a lot of `You'll have a good laugh over `the famous younger generation `That was the police. A girl has
moonshine.'- Thinks the Inspector it yet.' ­ He is still naïve, he who know it all.'- He uses just died ­ on her way to the
is fake and is happy as he has no hasn't learned anything and has sarcasm to make his point and Infirmary ­ after swallowing some
Responsibility over the incident reverted back to his old ways.…read more


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