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How does Golding create mood and atmosphere?
Intro: where in the book does it come ­ no grown ups, on their own, no rules and no control
­ intense and free
Main: mood and atmosphere
So far in the novel the boys have crash landed onto the island. There are no grown ups
around so they are on their own. There are no rules for them and they have no control over
themselves. They could be feeling intense and free.…read more

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Awesome stranger"
"Liberated from shame and self-consciousness" ­ realises that Ralph's democratic ways
just don't work
"Liberated" ­ used to reveal his true self
"New face" ­ trying to create a new identity
"Bloodthirsty snarl" ­ power, intimidating, animalistic
"Laughing" ­ enjoys violence
How do the boys react to the beast? What does this tell us about their personality?
Eric "Furry ­ wings ­ something moving" "eyes... teeth...…read more

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How do the boys describe the beast?
Page How the boys describe the Analysis
46-48 "the beastie" The littluns are afraid of the
jungle at night.
Boys' fears "the snake thing"
They create the beast from
their imagination to justify
their fears.
65-66 "They dream" The littluns are easily
scared of the beast now
The island "Have you been awake at
that it is in their mind.…read more

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Chapter 9 A view of the death
1. How is Jack's tribe described? P183
They were laughing, singing, lying, squatting or standing on the grass, holding food in their
hands. But to judge by the greasy faces, the meat-eating was almost done; and some held
coco-nut shells in their hand and was drinking from them. Sat on a log, Jack looked like an
idol. Pretending to be a tribe ­ war paint ­ illusion of being a tribe.
2.…read more

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Chapter 11 Castle Rock
1. Find evidence that Ralph's civilisation is dying p208-209
"Ralph continued to blow till his ears were singing with the effort". This shows us that Ralph
is becoming tired of making the rules and decisions and also wants to be treated like
everybody else. "Course it's no use, Ralph". This tells us that whatever Ralph tries to do to
help himself and the other boys it doesn't always work. "Blow the conch".…read more

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Jack is a dictator "Come on follow me" This shows us that Jack isn't a fan of other people's
opinions beside his own. "Are you accusing" shows us that Jack at times thinks of nothing
but himself.
Descent into Savagery
Point Evidence Explanation Link
Jack controls the "Roger, he's a Fear of the Beast Fear makes us do
boys through fear, terror" made the boys terrible things.…read more

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It also shows how
the conch strong Ralph is as a
Point Evidence Explanation Link
Despite the boy's "Bollocks to the The idea of freedom
best efforts, rules" being alone on the
discipline totally island gets too
breaks down on the much for the boys
island and how they can't
cope.…read more


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