Questions on Shanty Towns - Geography A Level

Questions on Shanty Towns - Geography A Level

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Using figure 1, identify and comment on the various attitudes to
the removal of favelas (shanty towns) in cities such as Rio de
Janeiro (10 marks)
Generally, those who live in a favela are clearly upset about the idea of being removed from their
favela. As Glorinha discusses, the people living in the favelas have built the area and their shack
houses from scratch with very limited (if none) help from the government. Now though, the
government believe that they can just intrude and bulldoze the whole shanty town ­ and everything
that they've built. Furthermore this is strongly linked to Glorinha since her father was on the founders
of the favelas. I think the people here see it has the government being selfish and doing what they
want to help themselves rather than looking out for the less wealthy.
Another point is that the people who live in the favela have fond memories of living there which is
why they are less willing to leave the favela. They have grown up and generations have lived in the
favela. It's therefore very difficult for the people to move out immediately when asked to by
government ­ they want to live their life here like their family did.
On the other hand, Councillor Leila de Flamengo believes that it's a positive thing to do for the city
and the people. It preserves the natural beauty which in turn boosts tourism. The money gained from
tourism can then be spent of fighting poverty and improving areas which these people live in. It is
hard for the government to get their idea across because the people living there will obviously just
assume that they're being selfish. Furthermore governments often tell lies so although they make
these promises now about fighting poverty ­ once it's been bulldozed down the government may
change their mind and say they don't have the fund anymore to help the poor.
With reference to two or more examples, evaluate measures to
improve the conditions for people living in shanty towns. (10
Vidigal is a shanty town in the South of Rio de Janeiro located between 2 rich districts. It's in a coastal
areas on the hillside. The government wanted to knock it down in the 1960's however this failed due
to the residents association forming in 1967. Since then there have been improvement in street
layout so that people can get around easier. The creation of a cable car has meant that it's easier for
people to get from the bottom of the hill to the top and vice versa. Open spaces and plazas have also
been built which has improved the social status of the area.
Fernao Cardim is another shanty town, in the North zone of Rio de Janeiro. It was built on a low land
cattle ranch which then became an industrial zone. This area was prone to flooding and therefore
most the houses were built on the higher land. Factories, warehouses and shops were built which had
two main effects. Firstly, it meant that new migrants found it hard to find land. On the other hand it
gave the current residents employment opportunities. The government also built better buildings for
residents and channelled the river to decrease the chance and risk of flooding which meant people

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A playground and open space was also created for the
residents and children to enjoy themselves and reduce stress.
Serinha is also North of Rio located on hillsides. The government refurbished schools to improve
education so that the future work force for Rio would be better skilled and hence hopefully more
wealthy which good bring favourable effects to the economy. They also relocated some homes
which were positioned on the hill to a lower and flatter ground to reduce the risk of the house
collapsing.…read more

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On the other hand, it's a possibility that with the help of MEDCs shanty towns could be eradicated. If
MEDCs offer this kind of assistance then the county would still be an LEDC yet shanty towns would
not exist.
If an LEDC develops into an NIC and then to an MEDC then the number of shanty towns is likely to
decrease hand in hand.…read more


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