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Using figure 1, identify and comment on the various attitudes to
the removal of favelas (shanty towns) in cities such as Rio de
Janeiro (10 marks)
Generally, those who live in a favela are clearly upset about the idea of being removed from their
favela. As Glorinha discusses, the people…

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could locate on lower and flatter land. A playground and open space was also created for the
residents and children to enjoy themselves and reduce stress.

Serinha is also North of Rio located on hillsides. The government refurbished schools to improve
education so that the future work force for Rio…

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On the other hand, it's a possibility that with the help of MEDCs shanty towns could be eradicated. If
MEDCs offer this kind of assistance then the county would still be an LEDC yet shanty towns would
not exist.

If an LEDC develops into an NIC and then to an…


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