Questions on B2.6 Inheritance, higher tier, Answers available

Simple word document with questions on every aspect of inheritance covered in the textbook. Answers are available in a Mindmap form, it's available on the Mac as a mindnode. Please check my other resources for it.

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B2 6.1 Cell Division and Growth
What is a gene?
What are a group of genes known as?
How many chromosomes are there in a human nucleus?
How many chromosomes do gametes have?
Why are new cells needed?
Name 4 properties of mitosis taking place.
Which type of reproduction does mitosis occur?
Name 2 properties of this reproduction.
Describe the process of mitosis.
What are stem cells?
How are adult stem cells different to embryonic stem cells?
Why is cloning easy in plants?
B2 6.2 Stem Cells
Where are stem cells formed in humans?
What is the function of stem cells?
Where can stem cells often be found?
How do stem cells help us?
How can we use stem cells?
What are the benefits of them?
Where do stem cells come from for our use?
What are the problems with stem cells?
How can we overcome this problem in the future?
What are the limitations of stem cells?
B2 6.3 Cell Division in Sexual Reproduction
Where does meiosis take place?
How is meiosis different to mitosis?
Describe the process of meiosis.
How does the meiosis process differ between boys and girls?
What kind of variety does meiosis bring?
How does variation differ between mitosis and meiosis?
What is an allele?
B2 6.4 From Mendel to DNA
What experiment did Mendel conduct?
What are chromosomes made from?
What DNA contain?
What does DNA consist of?
How can DNA fingerprinting be used?
B2 6.5 Inheritance in Action
What chromosomes make up the male/female?
B2 6.6 Inherited conditions in humans
What is Huntington's Disease?
How is it caused genetically?

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Why is it still existent?
What is Cystic Fibrosis?
How can It be treated?
How is caused genetically?
How can genetic diseases be looked for?
What problems does this cause?…read more



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