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WJEC PY4: Role of emotion and
Rosemary…read more

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Flashbulb memory
Originally proposed by Brown and Kulik.
- Flashbulb memory can be characterised in 3
- Vivid
- Emotional significance
- Resistant to forgetting…read more

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Flashbulb continued
Typical flashbulb memories are dramatic,
unexpected and shocking.
What details do people remember?
· Where they were
· What they were doing
· How they were informed
· How they reacted
· How others around them reacted…read more

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Brown and Kulik
Found that American PPs had high levels of
recall of the assassination of Kennedy.
However Black PPs were far more likely to recall
the assassination of Medger Evers*.
Pause for thought: Why do you think this was??
*civil rights worker.…read more

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It may have been because it effected the black
PPs more, as she was a significant figure in their
fight for civil rights.…read more

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Was sceptical about FBM. He investigated
memories of the Challenger Shuttle Disaster.
He took accounts given by the same man over
two years apart:
"I was in my religion class and some people
walked in and started talking about it...the
schoolteacher's students had been watching
and I though it was soo sad. I went to my room
and watched the TV... I got all the details from
that"…read more

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