Psychology- Social Influence- Conformity

Conformity notes that cover

  • Types of conformity
  • Majoity Influence
  • Asch's study and the variation
  • Critcisms of Asch
  • Minority influence
  • Moscovici
  • Explanations of why people conform
  • Normative, informational social influence
  • Social impart thoery
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Conformity - (Majority influence)

Types of conformity
Kelman suggested two types of conformity;

Compliance- Going along with the group without a change in personal opinion
Internalisation- Individuals are encouraged to engage in a validation process. Close examination of
the group's position may convince the individual that they are wrong and…

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Only about one third of the trials where the majority unanimously gave the wrong answer, produced a
conforming response. Meaning two thirds stuck to their original opinion. Asch believed that rather than
showing human beings to be overly conformist, we actually show a lot of independent behaviour.
Culture and conformity:…

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Explanations of why people conform
Normative social influence
To be liked- Humans are a social species and we need companionship and we fear social rejection
Support- Asch- Generally linked to compliance
Informational social influence

To be right- When there is no obvious correct answer we turn to others for information.…


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