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Aim - The aim of the experiment was to investigate what level of obedience would
be shown when participants were told by an authority figure to administer electric
shocks to another person.
40 males aged between 20 and 50 years of age, recruited from the New Haven area.…

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Experimenter feedback ­ if the subject turned to the experimenter for advice
about whether to continue, the experimenter was trained to continue giving shocks,
the experimenter was trained to give a series of standard prods which were always
made in sequence. Prod 2 was only used if prod 1 was…

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not deceived his participants, all of whom were thoroughly debriefed
It can also be argued that Milgram did not take adequate measures to
protect his participants from the stress and emotional conflict they
experienced. It is possible that being involved in the experiment may have had
a long-term effect…

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· The participant felt himself to be similarly obligated to take part in the
procedures as planned.
· Being paid increased the sense of obligation.
· As far as the participant was concerned, the roles of learner and teacher had
been allocated fairly, by drawing lots. Thus the learner could…


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