Psychological Explanations for Schizophrenia- Essay Plan

Here's an essay plan on the subject of psychological explanations for schizophrenia.Use it if you want, I chose these studies/explanations as they had the most to write on. When writing essays in psych remember about breadth and dept, 200 words approx for AO1 and 400 approx for AO2/3.

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Psychological Explanations of Schizophrenia- Essay Plan

1. Life events- occurrence of stressful life events (death of a close relative or break up of a
relationship). Brown and Birley 1968- found that about 50% of people experience a stressful
life event in the 3 weeks prior to a schizophrenic episode, while…

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This is because of their disorganised thought processes, and so it is hard to establish why a
person became schizophrenic in the first place.

7. Critical Point 3: There is some research that does not support Bateson's double bind theory.
For example Liem measured patterns of parental communication in families…


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