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Psychodynamic psychotherapy is a form
of depth psychology, the primary focus of
which is to reveal the unconscious content
of a client's psyche in an effort to relieve of
psychic tension.
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Freud discovered this type of therapy in
order to resolve psychological disorders
related to his psychodynamic approach.
The main outcome from this therapy is to
understand the clients problem and its
There are 3 techniques used by therapists...
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The first technique is free association. In
this approach, the client is encouraged to
express their mind. This expression allows
the client to slowly work their way back to
the origin of the problem at childhood.
Freud uses this technique to get around the
defences placed by the ego and uncover
the material in the unconscious.
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The second technique is dream
analysis. This approach involves
analysing the symbolic imagery
of dreams in order to identify
conflicts repressed in the
However, Freud saw that dreams
were too distorted to be accepted
consciously. To solve this, he
made various assumptions...
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Dreams have obvious content that is
easily recalled (manifest content).
There is an actual meaning behind the
manifest content that can only be
recovered by the therapist (latent
Dream work is the process that converts
latent content into manifest content
These processes are...…read more

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