Programming Techniques and Logical Methods (F452 OCR)

Here are 21 pages of extensive notes on the not-so-obvious bits of the OCR F452 syllabus (for the May 2010 exam).

As always, these notes were written for me to revise from, and so there may be bits that are not covered as much as you need to learn them in, or there may be bits that are covered in nauseating detail for you because you are already 100% familiar with them.

Original document is a Word 2007 (.docx) which if you want, email me and I will send you a copy.

These notes cover all six topics within Unit 2:

  1. Designing Solutions to problems
  2. The Structure of Procedural Programs
  3. Data Types and Structures
  4. Common Facilities of Programming Languages
  5. Writing Maintainable Programs
  6. Testing and Running a Solution
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Sean Keegan


Thank you very much!  I have used both of the resources you have made for AS and they have been more than useful. Thanks again buddy.



Thank you so much. My college has a resources area that is normally stacked with information, but on this unit it had nothing at all, only excercises "write a program that outputs..." with no revision notes at all, this saved me :)



Thankyou thankyou thankyou! Both resources helped me understand it so much better. Its so much friendlier when its written by a yr12 :) THANKYOU! :D

Kaya Katana


My teacher always told us to use this before I even found this site. Thanks a lot for uploading it for others though xDD. It's really pretty~

Rebecca Fields


Thank you!