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Discuss the extent to which privatization of the UK railway has been
economically worthwhile.

Privatization is the process by which the former publicly owned organization or activity
is sold off to the private sector. There are three processes of privatization. These
include the outright sale to another company, a management/employee…

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concerned about the growth of passengers has not been met by an increase in
capacity, leading to severe overcrowding on many service routes.

Since privatization, you could expect that private firms would be less likely to reinvest
profits, as they seek to profit maximizing the short run. However, the government…

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utilize routes. For example to different franchises may build identical sets of track,
whereas it would be more efficient to run services using only one track. This would
inevitably lead to wastage and potentially an increase in passenger fares.

Another disadvantage of privatization would be that there is service unreliability…


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