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supply side policies:


education and training


cutting bureaucracy

promotion of competition

control of power of monopolies

reduction in planning restrictions

improvement in human capital increases the

value of workers’ output, meaning that firms

can produce more for the same price

improved education increases opportunities

which means that incentives can work more


Points might include the following:

time lag for the education to have a result on


education might not be effective, for example

Madonna studies, Surf Science

expansionary fiscal implications of supply side


other policies might be more effective, such as

cutting interest rates

scope for further supply side policies is limited

time lags, for example supply side policies can

lag for decades

supply side policy conflicts

- Increased government spending and tax can

cause disincentives

- Supply side policy might have positive impact

on the fiscal side in the long run.

Discuss the fiscal and supply side policies the UK Government could pursue to

reduce the rate of unemployment. Refer to Extract 2 and Figure 3 in your answer.

Definition of macroeconomic objectives as the main aims of the

government to achieve improved economic welfare (for all the

population) (2 marks)

Definition of Growth as an increase in either real and/or potential output

(GDP) (2 marks)

Identification of any 2 other macroeconomic objectives that are

adversely affected (2 marks maximum) such as

o Control of inflation (or price stability)

o A fair or equitable distribution of



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