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Describe and
primary data
using research
Alison Hosford…read more

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· Data can be qualitative or quantitative.
· Primary data is gathered first hand from a source/s directly
by the researchers.
· Example MILGRIM: collected primary data when he studied
obedience by a lab experiment.
· Example BANDURA ET AL: collected primary data when
they looked at children coping role models by lab
· Psychological studies mostly gather primary data.
· Questionnaires, observations, content analysis and
experiments are all used to gather primary data.
· Original data which presents new information and more
ideas/evidence.…read more

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·Primary data has more validity as it is
gathered first-hand. The studies are
designed and carried out for the main
purpose of research.
·Primary data is considered to be more
trustworthy.…read more

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·Primary data is more expensive to
carry out as an experiment needs to
be done.
·Takes a long time to gather data
because of time etc.…read more

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Quiz Question 1
Name one weakness of primary data
Primary data is Primary data is very
more trustworthy. expensive to carry
Has validity as data is It's a great tool to
gathered first hand. use.…read more

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Question 2
Name one strength of primary data
It is not a great Takes a long time to
gather all data.
tool to use.
Considered more More expensive to
carry out.…read more

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