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Asses the view that pressure groups and interest groups are declining in
importance and influence in the political system today (33 marks)

Pressure groups, in today's society are declining in importance and influence in the political system to
a fairly large extent. This is because of a number of reasons…

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lost importance or influence but at the same they have because there just isn't enough evidence to
prove either. Marxists basically suggest that pressure group activity doesn't enhance democracy at
all and that pressure groups tend to not be democratic because members have little say in the day to

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NSMs have had limited success so it's easy to exaggerate the importance and growth of NSMs which
then doesn't make them more or less influential than pressure groups.

Pluralists argue that pressure group activity is an essential feature of modern democracy as pressure
groups provide valuable input to government policy…




This is a great essay example which can be very useful to students who are still feeling not very confident with regards to structure. Thiis can be a great tool for a revision lesson too. This can be annotated to identify the things which are essential in order to gain a good grade with regards to the essay questions such as identifying key terminology, theorists and such like. Great job.






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