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The Scarlet
By Nathaniel Hawthorne…read more

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The title
· The title of "The Scarlet Letter" is important
to the story because it relates to the `A'
Hester (the main character) must sew into
her gown
· The `A' stands for Adulterer and is supposed
to outcast Hester and shame her
· The fact that the `A' is Scarlet is significant
as well. The colour Scarlet not only relates
to passion and love but also to the devil.…read more

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· The story starts with Hester receiving her public punishment for her crime of
adultery. Her husband is at this display and chooses to take up a false name and
live within the community.
· The audience see's Pearl grow up to be a passionate and mischievous child and
we also learn that Dimmesdale is the father and is constantly punishing himself
for it
· Hesters husband, Chillingworth also finds out Dimmesdales secret and spends
time slyly torturing him
· Hester, who has now started to be forgiven by society, sees what is happening
and decides to tell Dimmesdale who Chillingworth is. Together they hatch a plan
to leave their settlement and start anew with Pearl.
· Before they leave, Dimmesdale suddenly confesses his sin to the whole town
and reveals a scarlet `A' which is burned into the flesh above his heart. He then
dies and a year after Chillingworth dies too. Pearl and Hester leave the town and
Hester returns years later still wearing the scarlet letter. She is buried with
Dimmesdale…read more

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· The novel is written in the 3rd person narrative
and is in the present tense
· The genre of the novel is unclear is a romance.
· There is also an air of mystery and secrecy
about the book because , in the beginning,
Hester refuses to reveal the identity of her
lover…read more

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· The story is organised into named chapters,
which relate directly to the content of that
· The story is typically chronological but
important elements of the story, that occurred
before we entered into to it, are revealed
throughout the book
· There is only one narrator throughout the novel…read more

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· Hawthorne uses some interesting language, for
instance, his personification of Nature and
implying she is gentle and has pity on criminals
and sinners ­ This is a reoccurring theme
throughout the novel
· He also uses plenty of metaphors like
describing the flowers of the rose bush by
calling them `delicate gems' and constantly
calling Pearl a sprite or an elf, to indicate her
playful mischievous.…read more

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