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· Prepositions link nouns, pronouns and
phrases to other words in a sentence.
· They usually come before a noun or a
pronoun and give information about time,
place and direction.
· examples:
The book is on the table.
The book is beneath the table.
She held the book over the table.…read more

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Simple prepositions are single word
For example;
· I'll see you after class
· I'll wait for you at home
· I'll be there before Tuesday
· I'll take you to tea in London
· The kitchen is on fire…read more

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Compound Prepositions are made up of more
than one word. In between and because of
are compound Prepositions made of two
words, in front of and on behalf of are made
of three.
For example;
· The book is in between The Hobbit and Harry Potter
· Amy is in front of the clock
· Here is a letter on behalf of the government…read more

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Preposition Usage Example
· On · Days of the week · On Monday
· In · Months / Seasons · In August / In
· Time of day winter
· Year · In the morning
· After a certain · In 2006
period of time · In an hour
· At · For night · At night
· For a weekend · At the weekend
· A certain point in · At 9:30
· For · Over a certain · For two years
period in time (past
till now)…read more

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Preposition Usage Example
· In · room, building, street, ·in the kitchen, in London
town, country ·in the book
· book, paper etc. ·in the car, in a taxi
· car, taxi ·in the picture, in the
· picture, world world
·at ·meaning next to, by an ·at the door, at the station
object ·at the table
·for table ·at a concert, at the party
·for events ·at the cinema, at school, at
·place where you are to do work
something typical (watch a
film, study, work)
·on ·attached ·the picture on the wall
·for a place with a river ·London lies on the
·being on a surface Thames.
·for a certain side (left, ·on the table
right) ·on the left
·for a floor in a house ·on the first floor
·for public transport ·on the bus, on a plane
·for television, radio ·on TV, on the radio…read more

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