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Preparing a standard solution

In preparing a standard solution, the following equipments and substances were used:

250cm3 beaker

250cm3 volumetric flask

Filter funnel

Stirring rod


Washing bottle

Distilled water

Anhydrous sodium carbonate (Na2CO3 0.1m)

Electronic balance

Eye protection


1. We weighed 250cm3 mass of sodium carbonate on an…

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For the titration, the following equipment and substances are used:

Lab stand with a clamp
Indicator: methyl orange
Sulphuric acid (H2SO4)
White tile
Conical flask
Eye protector


1. We setup the titration apparatus. Putting the clamp on the stand and the burette on
the clamp, and…

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The equation for the reaction is: Na2CO3+H2SO4 Na2SO4+H2O

Mole ratio: 1:1

This is the formula used:

For Na2CO3

We know that the volume used is = 25cm3

We also know that the concentration is = 0.1mol

The number of moles will be= Concentration x volume

= 0.1 x 25



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