Chapter 5

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  • Formulae, Eqns & Amounts of substance
    • Empirical formula
      • Calculated by experimental data
        • Molecular formula
    • Molecular formula
    • Calculate
      • Amounts of substance - mass, vol of gas, vol of soln. & conc.
      • Reacting masses from chem. eqns using amount of substance & molar mass
      • Reacting vol of gases using amount of substance & molar volume of gas
      • Solution conc. in grams/moles per decimeter^3 including acid-base titrations
      • Measurement uncertainties & errors in experimental results
        • Comment on sources of error
        • Minimising percentage error and uncertainty in experiments
      • Percentage yield & atom economy
    • CPAC: Measure molar vol of gas
    • CPAC: Prepare a standard soln. from a solid acid & use it to find the conc. of NaOh
    • CPAC: Find the conc. of a soln. of hydrochloric acid
    • Risks & hazards in practical procedures/ how to minimise them
    • Relate ionic & full eqns to
      • Displacement reactions
      • Reactions of acids
      • Precipitation reactions


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