Pre Release Poem 2011- Island Man

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Info about poet: Caribbean, educated, multicultural identity. "Small country town"-
Closeknit community (rural & poor). Accomplished & determined.
Run on lines (enjambment)- Represents waves continuing to crash on the beach. Never
ending wave cycle.
"wombing"- Could connote a number of things: Rebirth of the wave? Link to mother
nature/ vulnerability. Link to his childhood?
"groggily groggily" ­ Repetition of words represents the repetition of the sea on the
"sun surfacing"- Sibilance, light of his childhood. Emphases the beauty/weather of the
island. Light is a sign of hope relates to morning sunrise.
"comes back to sands"- Juxtaposition of NATURE AND CITY.
Shape of the Poem- represents the vision of the sea in the man's mind. Gaps in the
poem represent wave shapes going, in and out, in and out, (gaps in life/ memory).
"Another London day."- Realisation that he is in London- Sad, depressing. He is
suppressing his true identity.
Irregular structure- Life is foreign to him, unpredictable.
Free verse (no rhyme)
"he always comes back"- Emphases the difference between London & home (tired, fed
Emotive words- "wild" connotes freedom as opposed to how he feels trapped.
"Blue"- Connotes nature, purity and gentleness
"emerald"- Connotes beauty & value.


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