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Globalisation, Modernity and Postmodernity

`Society has now entered a new, postmodern age and we need new theories to understand it'.
Assess this view (33 marks)
We need to look at two main issues:

1. Some of the major changes that have occurred in society in recent decades.
2. Theories that…

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Tradition, custom and ascribed status become less important as the basis for our actions. We experience greater
personal freedom and can increasingly choose our own course in life and define our own identity. HOWEVER,
structural inequalities such as class remain important in shaping peoples identify and restricting their choices.…

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Today we find ourselves in a global culture in which Westernowned media companies spread Western culture to the
rest of the world. Economic integration also encourages a global culture. E.g. TNCs such as Nike, selling the same
consumer goods in many countries, help to promote similar tastes across national borders.…

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Baudrillard like lyotard, sees society as having entered postmodernity and he relates this change to
language and knowledge. However, unlike Lyotard, he is pessimistic about this change.
Baudrillard sees society as having moved away from buying and selling of good to the buying and selling of
signs and images. Baudrillard…

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Theories of Late Modernity
Unlike postmodernism, theories of late modernity argue that the rapid changes we are witnessing are not the
dawn of a new era, postmodern era. Instead they are part of modernity.
They recognise something important is happening. In their view things have just become more intensified.

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Marxist Theories of Postmodernity (possible conclusion)
Believe in the Enlightenment project like Beck and Giddens of achieving objective knowledge and using it to
improve the world.
However, some Marxist such as Jameson and Harvey believe we have moved form a modern to a
postmodern era.
They differ from postmodernists in…


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