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Postmodernism…read more

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A different perspective on contemporary society
that rejects modernism and its attempts to
explain the world through overarching theories.
Instead it suggests that there is no single shared
reality and focuses attention on the significance
of the media in helping to construct numerous
realities.…read more

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Postmodernist ideology
· Challenges traditional modernist theories that
try to create an all encompassing theory to
explain society.
· In order to have a understanding of society we
need to have a deep awareness of the role of the
media, in creating an image of society that we
seek to live out.…read more

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Grand Narratives: belief
system, such as religion and
Lyotard science that claims to explain
the world
· Argues that economic growth and scientific knowledge
are continuously expanding outside human control.
· To give people a sense of control over this ever
expanding economic system, grand narratives are
· The role of sociology, is to justify and explain.
· Lyotard see's contemporary society not as described in
sociological theories, but as one that consists of isolated
individuals linked by few social bonds.
· He argued that knowledge was a commodity that was
bought and sold, this buying was usually done by the
government.…read more

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· A critic of contemporary society.
· Similar to Lyotard he sees people as isolated and de-
· His main emphasis was on the media.
· The death of the social ­ notes that in contemporary
societies, the most of the population express the lack of
interest in social solidarity and politics.
- people live isolated lives, sharing common
consumption of the media, through which they
experience the world.…read more

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Media and the experience of the
· The media plays a central role in the death of the
· Baudrillard ­ argues that people now have
limited direct experience of the world and
therefore rely on the media for the majority of
their knowledge.
· Rather than the media affecting how people
behave, Baudrillard argues that people
increasingly reflect the media images of how
people behave.…read more

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