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Police Powers and Bail
Revision/The English Legal System/
AS Law/May 2010…read more

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Police Powers…read more

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PACE [1984] and the Codes of Practice
· Code A- Stop and Search
· Code B- Search and seizing property
· Code C- Detention
· Code G- explains the new powers of arrest
· Also governed by the Criminal Justice and
Public Order Act 1994 (CJPOA) and the Serious
Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 (SOCPA).…read more

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Stop and Search
· At common law you are not obliged to answer
questions unless lawfully arrested (Rice v Connolly
· s1 PACE: an officer may stop and search a person
if they have reasonable suspicion that the person
is in possession of prohibited items
· Reasonable suspicion may not be supported on
the grounds of colour, age, hairstyle, clothing or
the knowledge that the person has a previous
conviction.…read more

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Stop and Search
· Safeguards include: the police officer must
identify himself giving his name, number and
· In a public place, only the hat, outer coat and
gloves may be removed
· A record must be made of the search as soon
as possible after its completion…read more

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Stop and Search
· s60 of the Criminal Justice Act 1994 (in
anticipation of violence), s44 of the Terrorism
Act 2000 also allow stop and search
· Since 2008, the police have the power to stop
and account- no record is made of this search
except of ethnicity
· Voluntary searches now abolished as can only
be searched with reasonable suspicion
anyway…read more

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