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o GBH ­ broken bones ­ serious harm R v Saunders
o Intention or recklessness ­ Mowatt s.30 GBH
o Grevious bodily harm ­ GBH ­ DPP v Smith
o Prove necessary caustion ­ "but for" "legal rules" ­ R v Chesire
o If GBH arises intoxication cannot be pleased…

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As murder is a result crime it is essential for the prosecution to prove that the defendant by his
or her voluntary actions brought about or caused the death of the victim. It is clear that the
stabbing was voluntary and so the rules of causation are considered. Factual and…

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required to prove that she was suffering from a condition bordering on but not amounting to

Second requirement ­ abnormality of the mind but have substantially impaired the
defendants mental responsibility for the killing. This is a matter for the members of the jury
to decide (Walton)

Consent ­…


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