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what is the poem about?
who is the speaker? - are they dramatized (a character)
who is being spoken to or addressed?
Meaning, Imagery, Tone, Structure, Language (My Itchy Toes Smell Loads)
what is being spoken about?
Theme(s) of the poem - what is it really about? Always link everything to meaning. Ask yourself how does this
Setting/culture - where's the poem set? Culture it is from/about? contributes to the meaning? Why has the poet used this technique?
where does the poem "get to" from start to end?
Structure How would the poem be spoken? (angry, sad,
Rhyme - is there a rhyme scheme? Couplets? Internal rhyme? nostalgic, bitter, humorous etc)
Rhythm - how many syllables per line? Is it regular or free verse? Why
are some different lengths? Language
Stanzas - How many? How do they change? Is there a narrative? What kinds of words are used?
Lines - how many are their in each verse? Do some stand out? Puns - a pun is a play on words - "Shear Class!" if Shearer scores.
Enjambment - do the lines "run on" to the next line or stanza? Connotation - associations that words have (as "stallion" connotes
End stopping - does each line finish at the end of a sentence? a certain kind of horse with certain sorts of uses)?
Form - does the poem have a shape to it? Double meanings - "butts in" - putting bottoms in or interrupting.
Ambiguity - is the word or phrase deliberately unclear? Could it
mean opposite things or many different things?.
Imagery Word order - are the words in an unusual order ­ why?
Alliteration - the repeating of initial sounds. Adjectives - what are the key describing words?
Assonance - is the term used for the repetition of vowel sounds Key words and phrases - do any of the words or phrases
within consecutive words as in, 'rags of green weed hung down...'. stand out? Do they shock? Are the words "violent" or "sad" etc?
Metaphor - comparing two things by saying one is the other. Slang or unusual words and misspellings - Does the
Simile - comparing two things saying one is like or as the other. poet use slang or informal language? Are American words used?
Personification - giving something non-human human qualities. Intertextuality - does the poem reference another text?
Onomatopoeia - words that sound like the thing they describe. Style - does the poet copy another style? (Newspaper, play etc)
Repetition - does the poet repeat words or phrases? Characters - if there are characters how do they speak?…read more

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By the end of today's lesson you will be able to:
Complete a MITSL
analysis of the poem
"Kid" by Simon
Armitage.…read more

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What are
Heroes?…read more

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How can a hero
be a negative
influence?…read more

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Batman, big shot, when you gave the order
to grow up, then let me loose to wander
leeward, freely through the wild blue yonder
as you liked to say, or ditched me, rather,
in the gutter ... well, I turned the corner.
Now I've scotched that 'he was like a father
to me' rumour, sacked it, blown the cover
on that 'he was like an elder brother'
story, let the cat out on that caper
with the married woman, how you took her
downtown on expenses in the motor.
Holy robin-redbreast-nest-egg-shocker!
Holy roll-me-over-in-the-clover,
I'm not playing ball boy any longer
Batman, now I've doffed that off-the-shoulder
Sherwood-Forest-green and scarlet number
for a pair of jeans and crew-neck jumper;
now I'm taller, harder, stronger, older.
Batman, it makes a marvellous picture:
you without a shadow, stewing over
chicken giblets in the pressure cooker;
next to nothing in the walk-in larder,
punching the palm of your hand all winter,
you baby, now I'm the real boy wonder.…read more

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