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Place: The Moment
By Cora Hurley…read more

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About the Author: Margaret Atwood
· Canadian writer
· most famous as a novelist but is also a
critically acclaimed poet with an interest in
fairy tales and myths
· Atwood is well known for her concern for the
environment…read more

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· The order of ideas in this poem is very
· It emphasises the contrast between the way
we see things and the way they really are.
· Pauses in between the stanzas emphasise the
difference in tone.…read more

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· There is no rhyme scheme, which makes the
poem sound natural and matter of fact.
· The first two stanzas are all one sentence ­
with a big shift in thinking from start to finish.
· It's a lot to take in and helps to build the
drama and intensity of the poem.…read more

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Language (Notable Features):
· Dramatic language
· This shows the power of nature over human
beings. It also adds to the fear and shock you
feel reading the second stanza after the
calmness of the first stanza.…read more

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Stanza One:
Sounds egocentric ­
something that nature
appears to object to
Not clear who later.
the poet is
The moment when, after many years
addressing here,
but it seems to
be a person who
of hard work and a long voyage
feels their life is
complete you stand in the centre of your room,
house, half-acre, square mile, island, country,
knowing at least how you got there,
and say, I own this, Becoming clearer that
she could be
Another egocentric addressing anyone of
phrase ­ even us ­ listing different
slightly arrogant types of life…read more

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