Poetry Analysis / Poetry Analyzing notes

A quick simple mindmap that highlights the mean features of analyzing poetry.

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  • Poetry Analysis
    • Poetic Devices
      • Simile - something is 'like' or 'as' something.
      • Metaphor - comparing two things that aren't alike.
      • Personification - giving an object human traits.
      • Rhetorical question - asking a question that doesn't need to be answered
      • Repetition - the repeating of a word or phrase
      • Hyperbole - use of exaggeration.
      • Ambiguity - words that have more than one meaning
      • Oxymoron - two opposite terms placed next to eachother for effect.
    • Ice-burg paragraph structure -   Topic Sentence, Evidence, Explanation, Link back to the question, Alternative interpretation, keep digging
    • Use short powerful quotes, also embed quotes
    • Always state the effect on the reader.
    • Read over your analysis to avoid silly mistakes.
    • Think of what the poetic intended to do/make you feel.
    • Explain how the topic is portrayed, e.g power is portrayed in a negative way.


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