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A brief analysis of: Brendon Gallacher, Singh Song and Checking Out Me History.

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Brendon Gallacher
He was seven and I was six, my Brendon Gallacher.
He was Irish and I was Scottish, my Brendon Gallacher.
His father was in prison; he was a cat burglar.
My father was a Communist Party full-time worker.
He had six brothers and I had one, my Brendon Gallacher.
He would hold my hand and take me by the river
where we'd talk all about his family being poor.
He'd get his mum out of Glasgow when he got older.
A wee holiday some place nice. Some place far.
I'd tell my mum about my Brendon Gallacher
how his mum drank and his daddy was a cat burglar.
And she'd say, `Why not have him round to dinner?'
No, no, I'd say, he's got big holes in his trousers.
I like meeting him by the burn in the open air.
Then one day after we'd been friends for two years,
one day when it was pouring and I was indoors,
my mum says to me, `I was talking to Mrs Moir
who lives next door to your Brendon Gallacher.
Didn't you say his address was 24 Novar?
She says there are no Gallachers at 24 Novar,
There never have been any Gallachers next door.'
And he died then, my Brendon Gallacher,
flat out on my bedroom floor, his spiky hair,
his impish grin, his funny, flapping ear.
Oh Brendon. Oh my Brendon Gallacher.
Possible theme being `belief'
Believes in fake, invisible friend
Reality bought out, illusion of `Brendon Gallacher' must be dropped
Doesn't have him over for dinner, because unable to prove his existence
Like a child's game, she grows out of it as she grows older

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Singh Song!
i run just one ov my daddy's shops
from 9 o'clock to 9 o'clock
and he vunt me not to hav a break
but ven nobody in, i do di lock --
cos up di stairs is my newly bride
vee share in chapatti
vee share in di chutney
after vee hav made luv
like vee rowing through Putney --
ven i return vid my pinnie untied
di shoppers always point and cry:
hey Singh, ver yoo bin?
yor lemons are limes
yor…read more

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Ven i return from di tickle ov my bride
di shoppers always point and cry:
hey Singh, ver yoo bin?
di milk is out ov date
and di bread is alvays stale
the tings yoo hav on offer yoo hav never got in stock
in di worst Indian shop
on di whole Indian road --
late in di midnight hour
ven yoo shoppers are wrap up quiet
ven di precinct is concrete-cool
vee cum down whispering stairs
and sit on my silver stool
from behind…read more

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Checking Out Me History
Dem tell me
Dem tell me
Wha dem want to tell me
Bandage up me eye with me own history
Blind me to me own identity
Dem tell me about 1066 and all dat
Dem tell me bout Dick Wittington and he cat
But Toussaint L'Ouverture
No dem never tell me bout dat
A slave
With vision
Lick back
And first black
Republic born
Toussaint de thorn
To de French
Toussant de beacon
Of de Haitian Revolution
Dem…read more

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But dem never tell me bout Mary Seacole
From Jamaica
She travel dar
To the Crimean War
She volunteer to go
And even when de British said no
She still brave the Russian snow
A healing star
Among the wounded
A yellow sunrise
To the dying
Dem tell me
Dem tell me wha dem want to tell me
But now I checking out me own history
Deals with issues of identity, colonialism, history and personal voice
Colonialism is where one group of people dominates or…read more


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