Poems from Other Cultures CLUSTER 1 AQA ENGLISH ANALYSIS

All 8 poems from cluster 1 of poems from other cultures, fully annotated with meanings and stuff to help you on your way. Please rate, and comment for improvements. Enjoy!

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And limbo stick is the silence in front of me
limbo like me
limbo like me
long dark night is the silence in front of me
limbo like me
stick hit sound
and the ship like it ready
stick hit sound
and the dark still steady
limbo like me
long dark deck and the water surrounding me
long dark deck and the silence is over me
limbo like me
stick is the whip
and the dark deck is slavery
stick is the whip
and the dark deck is slavery
limbo like me
drum stick knock
and the darkness is over me

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Tatamkhulu Afrika: Nothing's Changed…read more

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Small round hard stones click
under my heels,
seeding grasses thrust
bearded seeds
into trouser cuffs, cans,
trodden on, crunch
in tall, purple-flowering,
amiable weeds.
District Six.
No board says it is:
but my feet know,
and my hands,
and the skin about my bones,
and the soft labouring of my lungs,
and the hot, white, inwards turning
anger of my eyes.…read more

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Take it with you, eat
it at a plastic table's top,
wipe your fingers on your jeans,
spit a little on the floor:
it's in the bone.
I back from the
boy again,
leaving small mean O
of small mean mouth.
Hands burn
for a stone, a bomb,
to shiver down the glass.
Nothing's changed.…read more

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North Circular roar
muffling muffling
his crumpled pillow waves
island man heaves himself
Another London day…read more

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Chinua Achebe: Vultures
In the greyness
and drizzle of one despondent
dawn unstirred by harbingers
of sunbreak a vulture
perching high on broken
bone of a dead tree
nestled close to his
mate his smooth
bashed-in head, a pebble
on a stem rooted in
a dump of gross
feathers, inclined affectionately
to hers. Yesterday they picked
the eyes of a swollen
corpse in a water-logged
trench and ate the things in its bowel.…read more

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Daddy's return ...
Praise bounteous
providence if you will
that grants even an ogre
a tiny glow-worm
tenderness encapsulated
in icy caverns of a cruel
heart or else despair
for in every germ
of that kindred love is
lodged the perpetuity
of evil.
Imtiaz Dharker: Blessing
The skin cracks like a pod.
There never is enough water.
Imagine the drip of it,
the small splash, echo
in a tin mug,
the voice of a kindly god.
Sometimes, the sudden rush
of fortune.…read more

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Lawrence Ferlinghetti:
Two Scavengers in a truck,
Two beautiful people in a Mercedes
At the stoplight waiting for the light
nine am downtown San Francisco
a bright yellow garbage truck
with two garbagemen in red plastic blazers
standing on the back stoop
one on each side hanging on
and looking down into
an elegant open Mercedes
with an elegant couple in it
The man
in a hip three-piece linen suit
with shoulder-length blond hair & sunglasses
The young blond woman so casually coifed
With a…read more

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And the younger of the two
also with sunglasses & long hair
about the same age as the Mercedes driver
And both scavengers gazing down
as from a great distance
at the cool couple
as if they were watching some odorless TV ad
in which everything is always possible
And the very red light for an instant
holding all four close together
as if anything at all were possible
between them
across that small gulf
In the high seas
of this democracy.…read more

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Mother's blood, they said.
May he sit still, they said.
May the sins of your previous birth
be burned away tonight, they said.
May your suffering decrease
Poet and What to look for in your
poem comparison
Chinua Achebe: - Both poems use unexpected
'Vultures' changes of mood to engage the
reader with the ideas of the poems.
We start off feeling sympathy for the
scorpion, but we are left thinking
perhaps this really is a diabolical
creature.…read more


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