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English language ­ Poems
Poems Subject matter Style and structure Tone Imagery Diction Effect
Search A woman immigrates to No structure because there's Mournfully, because she Flower imagery at Repeats "mother The part in the
for my England from India. She feels no traditional system. It feels that she has 'lost' end because it's more tongue" because she middle of the
tongue embarrassed speaking English shows some style from the her 'mother tongue' positive and happy. feels lost and without gujerati writing
because it's not her mother gujerati to English. Angrily, because she feels "the bud opens, the a identity without her adds effect on
tongue (original language). forced to use her 'foreign bud opens in my mother tongue the reader
But in doing this she feels like tongue' when she does mouth" which creates because it makes
she's losing her identity and not really want to a flower imagery you feel how she
her gujerati language. Triumphantly, to show did speaking
that she regains her English
beautiful 'mother tongue'
at night in her dreams
Unrelated A person who doesn't want to He refuses to use any style The tone is aggressive No imagery because The poem uses The effect on
incidents speak the BBC accent because he wants to get the and quick because he is he wants to remain insults to try and the reader is too
because he wants to be point across to the reader. refusing to follow rules firmly in reality. make the reader feel make them feel
himself, but people don't Structured like an autocue, and wanting to the get the how angry he is to the bad for judging
believe when he speaks his meaning the structure of the point across to the reader BBC accent. He also him something
own accent because they don't poem links to the meaning of quicker says "trooth" a lot he's not with a
usually here that accent the poem. because he doesn't different accent
think people will
believe in that accent
Halfcast Questioning halfcaste No traditional structure. The tone is aggressive, It creates an image in Repeats "halfcaste" The effect on
e system. Discrimination. The The poem is written in five satirical and slow to make your head of half an often to try and get the reader is to
speaker in the poem ridicules stanzas of varying lengths. the reader feel scared for ear "half of mih ear" his point across put his point
the use of the term 'halfcaste' The lines throughout the a long time. It's also or half an eye "half across about
poem are quite short, perhaps serious and embittered of mih eye" halfcaste that
to hammer home the near the end because he noone should be
message. gets onto a serious different and all
matter. treated the

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Love after Something has happened to Enjambmentlines are cut up Joyful tone at the start of Religious imagery "And say sit here. Eat" The effect is to
love him and feels he isn't himself, and short. Irregular structure. poem with the work comes into the poem its welcoming which be able to get
but then he starts to get over it, No style "elation".…read more

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Imagery of trees identity.
original identity. suggesting family
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