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Poetry from other cultures
8. Phonetic language and `Unrelated
Incidents'…read more

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To understand what is meant by phonetic
To know the difference between accent and
To understand the poem `Unrelated Incidents'
and be able to link it to other poems in cluster 2
And of course relate this to the assessment
objectives you will be marked against in the
exam…read more

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Specifically- in this lesson we are
looking at the second part of AO2(v)
understand and evaluate how writers use
linguistic, structural and presentational
devices to achieve their effects, and comment
on the way language varies and changes.…read more

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Starter: Translate the following passage from
Sons and Lovers into Standard English.
`Oh! Oh! waitin' for me, lass? I've bin `elpin'
Anthony, an' what's think he's gen me? Nowt b'
r lousy hae'f-crown, an' that's ivry penny-'
`He thinks you've made they rest up in beer,'
she said shortly.
`An I `aven't- that I `aven't. You b'lieve me, I've
`ad very little this day, I have an' all.' His voice
went tender. ` Here, an' I browt thee a bit o'
brandysnap, an' a cocoanut for th' children.' He
laid the gingerbread and the cocoanut, a hairy
object, on the table. `Nay, tha niver said
thankyer for nowt i' thy life, did ter?…read more

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Phonetic speech:
The passage that you have just translated was
written phonetically ­ that is, it was written how
it should be spoken.
It is a difficult one to decipher because not only
is it written phonetically there are a number of
very colloquial phrases.…read more

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Accent and Dialect:
· Dialect - Dialects are
ways of speaking that
· Accent - This is how we involve different words, in
pronounce words: how sentences constructed
we make them sound. We differently and with
all have an accent of different expressions e.g.
some kind e.g. if several if several people each
people with different write a story in a different
accents all read the same dialect, each version
story aloud, each one looks different on the
sounds different although page.
the story looks the same
on the page.…read more

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