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Look at `Havisham' and 3
other poems. Compare
how the poets treat the
theme of revenge.…read more

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In your introduction you need to name all four
poems and relate them to the question.
· Now write your introduction, beginning with
this sentence:
`Havisham', a poem about a woman who has
been jilted at the altar, is a description of a
woman's anguish and hatred for her fiancée,
which leads to her considering specific acts of
revenge. `The Laboratory', however, depicts a
woman who, having been rejected by her
lover, actually acts upon her hateful and
bitter thoughts and goes on to kill her ex
lover's new mistress.…read more

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Similarly, `My Last Duchess' is unlike
`Havisham' for the narrator also acts on
his anger and kills his wife for revenge.
The poem `Kid' could be seen as more
similar to `Havisham' as Robin also has
revengeful thoughts about Batman being
sad and alone, and the action that he
takes is nowhere near as violent as in
`The Laboratory' and `My Last
Duchess'. His revenge is more emotional
than physical.…read more

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Now you need to write your second
paragraph. Focus on `Havisham' and `The
Laboratory', discussing how the poet's
use of emotive language conveys
confused feelings of love, hurt and
anger and how this leads to thoughts of
· Make sure you use an example from the
text and analyse.
E…read more

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When you bring in another poem, use a
compare/contrast sentence opening
such as:
· This is similar to...
· We also see this in Browning's poem...
Talk about how `The Laboratory' uses
similar violent language, making sure you
use examples for comparison.…read more

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The opening line of `Havisham', 'Beloved
sweetheart bastard' is a very powerful
oxymoron, which highlights how she hates him
but she is still in love with him. This is similar to
`Kid' because although Robin hates Batman, the
way that he still thinks about him, and thinks
about getting back at him, shows that deep down
he really still cares for him. The violent and
emotive language in `The Laboratory' is very
similar to the language in `Havisham'. In the `The
Laboratory' violent verbs such as `mash, burn,
bite', and the use of assonance in the poem,
emphasise the anger of the narrator and how
she has her mind set on one thing.…read more

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